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All entries below this are from the original incarnation of Tales Academy. If you want to read them you're more than welcome to, but they're not part of the ongoing plot for the new version.


*is sitting outside, feeding some lettuce to her pet Cheagle. she looks lost in thought*

Well...at least something good came out of the whole mess...eh, Hiro?

[[OOC: yeah, uncreative name for a pet but all the good ones I could think of to do with water or ice were to feminine for a male Cheagle]]



*Is sitting outside on the lawn, holding a pendant. The cover of the locket is open and she's looking at the picture inside*

Contents of Image Behind CutCollapse )


[[OOC: Don't mind the half a text bubble overlapping the picture (at least it's clear). The pendant thing is from the manga, though it was also mentioned in some trading cards for the PSX version, and only two pictures of the opened locket are shown...this one and another which is too small to see the details.]]



Okay...I know this has been like a bi-weekly journal, though I never planned on making it so structured, and it's only Thursday but today was too big not to report. I...I had an interesting day to say the least.

Well, I decided to go look into that card I got Tuesday. To find out who wanted to meet me on Valentine's Day. I was both surprised and not surprised that it was Stahn. On the one hand, I was surprised because that idiot never plans ahead. On the other hand, there really isn't anyone else here who'd do that for me. We had dinner at the Tea House, sandwiches, and then went to some play that a group of students put on in the town square.

He actually got me a box of Lens for Valentine's Day. Huh? What guy gets a girl a box of Lens? Stahn takes things too literally sometimes; apparently he was told to get me something I'd like and he took my profession into account.

Private to Self, But Can Be Hacked Due to Her Programming ErrorCollapse )

[[OOC: She thinks she made it secure, but in her nervousness accidentally messed up the code and made it easy to hack. So feel free to surprise her by commenting on the private part...she'd be pretty embarrassed.]]



*is coming back from class and walking towards her room*

Man...that teacher sure gives a lot of homework. I'm gonna be studying all night.

*suddenly notices a bouquet of red roses on her door*

Huh? What the...Valentine's Day isn't until Thursday! Who would be dumb...*sighs* well, I think I answered my own question. But why would he...? *her face is getting redder by the moment*

*examines the roses closer* Wait...a tag. "Meet me at the coffee shop in town, 5:30 PM on Thursday." Wh-wha-what!?

*pauses, then looks down at Atwight* Eh...you sure? I guess I can go. He...he did take the trouble to get me this.



Weekly Report...Version 2.

Well, nothing much happened this week. Stahn did mention something about vendors having trouble getting food but he didn't have all the information. When it comes to Stahn and food...well he can just be unreasonable. I still can't believe he eats the slop in the cafeteria. Even my cooking is better than that, though he'll eat that too. Actually...I think he's the only one who can eat my cooking besides myself; and I only eat it when it's between that and starving. Or when the only other food is even worse.

But there's something I noticed...something I wonder about.

Filtered to the Girls' Dorm OnlyCollapse )



Okay...I'm going to just write about my state of the week; Sister Jessica told me it was a good idea, and for once I'm going to take her advice.  Better take advantage of this blog stuff since it's here.

Anyway, I found out that both Stahn and Philia also are at the Academy.  No one else I know came, but I'm not going to count out someone arriving late.  I'm just happy to see people that I know; it makes this feel more like home.  And somehow, perhaps because of their influence, I found myself being able to be more open about my past when asked; usually I'd just spin some lie about being born into a good family rather than mention I was raised in an orphanage.

The other students seem nice enough.  Some are a little quiet, but no one has given me an attitude yet.  Meaning, I haven't met someone that reminds me of Leon.  I'd bet if I saw him here, or anyone with a similar personality, we'd get into a fight on principal.

As of now, the only person in my immediate class that I know is Philia; we're both in 3A.  Stahn's over in 3B so we don't see him as much; the fact that dorms are separated by gender help that one a bit.  However, we have gotten together several times, and Stahn and I have a study group; that usually consists of me helping Stahn to get through his homework.  Though I'm still wondering why that other swordsman in my class freaked out when I accidentally pushed him in the crowded hall; I did say I was sorry and it wasn't like I shoved him to the ground.

Well, I still have to prepare my nightly snack.  And see exactly what I can get this computer thingy to do...



Well...I might as well get started on some reading.  After all, maybe there'll be some new techniques I can discover before I start practicing my swordsmanship.  Then, when I next go back home and continue my work as a Lens Hunter, I'll be able to get more money!

*looks at the sword at her belt* Oh what do you know!  I have to keep supporting the orphanage no matter what.  And I'm not just going to let go of my responsibilities because I'm away at school!

*growls slightly* Oh fine!  Be that way!  I'll just not talk to you! *begins looking for a book on sword techniques*



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