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Rutee Katrea

Mistress of Atwight

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NOTE: This is a roleplaying journal, and all entries will be IC. Member of talesacademy

I'm a Lens Huntress raised in an orphanage in the lower city of Seinegald. Despite them not being related to me by blood, I feel like everyone there is my family. If ever they were in trouble, I'd do everything in my power to save them. Like when the mayor wanted to demolish our home for his wife's art museum; I went out and found the necessary funds to convince them to stop.

Currently, I'm enrolled in the Viragith Academy where I hope to better my skills as a warrior. I'm hoping these new skills will better my ability to protect the orphans.
gald, gems, healing, making money, protecting orphans, protecting poor children, stahn, swimming, swordsmanship, treasure hunting